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G-Floor Graphic Tradeshow Flooring: Make Your Booth Stand Out

G-Floor Graphic Tradeshow Flooring: Make Your Booth Stand Out

Are you planning your next tradeshow and want to make a lasting impression? G-Floor Graphic® is ready to help make your booth the center of attention! While often overlooked, flooring plays a crucial role in creating an inviting atmosphere to enhance your brand’s visibility. Here’s why G-Floor Graphic® stands out from the rest!


Extreme Durability

Your flooring should be able to withstand moisture, excessive foot traffic, rolling carts, briefcases, suit cases, and will not puncture from high heeled shoes. G-Floor Graphic® is 100% premium polyvinyl and tough enough to drive a car on. The slight texture provides for a slip-resistant surface.  Even after a long tradeshow weekend, your flooring stays in excellent condition and can be rolled up and stored until the next show!


Custom to your brand

In such a competitive environment, every detail matters! Flooring sets the stage for your booth, serving as the foundation upon which your exhibit is built. Show flooring not only affects the aesthetic appeal, but also influences the comfort and experience of visitors. G-Floor Graphic® offers a clear slate to bring all your visions together and to life. Offered in clear or white, either selection provides vibrant images for full floor applications or repositionable graphics. After passing 20 booths, the last thing you want to see is more basic mass-produced flooring.


Easy Installation and Portability

Tradeshows require travel, which means investing in flooring that is easy to transport without compromising quality is important. G-Floor Graphic® is easy to install by simply rolling out and positioning into place!  Comfort is not compromised.  G-Floor Graphic® can be easily installed over ¼ to ½ inch dense foam to ease your feet after a long day of standing. When the show is over, roll up image out on the original core and store in a tube until the next show! Unlike the other options out there like carpet tiles or raised flooring systems, G-Floor Graphic® flooring provides an ease of portability and can save you money over renting the standard flooring time and time again.


In the fast-paced world of tradeshows, every detail counts. By using G-Floor Graphic®, you can incorporate your creative design elements in your floor to gain attention in your booth. You’ll have a durable floor that can be reused from show to show and save money over renting the standard carpet every time. A simple and effective tool for elevating your brand. Order today at!

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