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Durable Flooring That Can Be Moved as Needed

With G-Floor® Graphic Clear, you are no longer creating floor graphics but Graphic Floors. G-Floor Graphic's Clear product let's your graphics show through with astounding clarity, and ensures that your art will remain just as clear years from now as it did when you first got it. Additionally, because it's repositionable, you can place wherever you want to increase foot traffic to your business! The clear polyvinyl material is extruded into a solid sheet of vinyl that is then welded to your image. This creates, not several layers of flooring, but a solid surface that is impervious to scratching, scraping, staining, or otherwise disfiguring. This means that whatever image you have will remain intact and looking beautiful no matter how long your floor is down or how many times you move or organize it.

Printable Clear

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