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Green - Repositionable Floor Graphics

Great New Innovation in Moveable Floors

Our repositionable flooring lets you place your flooring wherever you want, however you want. Printed on our Clear product, your graphics will stay sharp no matter how much traffic it gets. The goal of G-Floor Graphic is to provide graphic floors that will not wear with time. This is where our 100% polyvinyl flooring with the thickest wear-layer in the world comes in handy. Repositionable floors enable you to move this highly protected floor wherever you need it without committing to a single floor layout.



Printable Solids

Printable Solids


Benefits to G-Floor Graphic's Repositionable Floors

Because the repositionable floors require no adhesives or installation, they are a great, versatile option for designing your room. No matter what business or personal preference you have, these floors will be able to cater to absolutely any flooring design that you have in mind. Not only do the floors come in pre-set designs for you to choose from, you can also custom-design your floor to make it look just how you like it. You can use a photograph, logo, design palate, or anything else that you think will give your floor that particular edge.

In addition to this massive amount of customization availability is that, G-Floor Graphic repositionable floors are protected by the thick layer of polyvinyl that will protect the image no matter what. The layer of clear or white polyvinyl is melded from vinyl material and extruded into solid, flat sheets. This means that nothing is fastened together or artificially attached to the floor to make them solid. There is no piecing together of materials or stacking layers to make the final flooring product. These floors are made in single, solid sheets to ensure that they are impenetrable and absolutely flawless in their ability to protect whatever imaged floor you decide to go with.

The clear material is great for a large image that you want protected under a clear-glassy layer. You can also get various texture patterns for differing degrees of traction and safety for your repositionable flooring, if you prefer.

You can also get the absolute white sheet, which is created through a different process that makes the flooring more opaque. Both mats have the same degree of strength and assurance for longevity. It all comes down to what your personal preference is for your floor.

G-Floor Graphic's Goal

No matter what kind of floor you have in mind for your room, G-Floor Graphic's repositionable floors can deliver. Whether it is a simple floor with a logo or a massive and intricate design boasting heavy image work; our protective vinyl floors will ensure that your image will last the absolute maximum amount of time. For more information on the kinds of work that we do, you can contact us. Alternatively, check out our Gallery page to see some of the great work that we have done in the realm of creating graphic floors for the record books.

G-Floor Graphic is not a company that makes floor graphics, but Graphic Floors. It is our mission to provide a graphic floor option that will outlast and outperform absolutely any alternative.