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Help Patrons Find Their Way through G-Floor Graphic® Print Media Directional Flooring

Help Patrons Find Their Way through G-Floor Graphic® Print Media Directional Flooring

It’s a fact that more people look down at their phones while they walk than ever before. A once overlooked space, smart businesses, marketers and branders understand the value of promotional flooring and custom image graphic floors and incorporate directional and wayfinding floor signage into their strategic planning.  

These are just some of the many ways your commercial customers should use wayfinding floor graphics:

  • Grocery store POP
  • Retailers pointing to checkout, dressing rooms, restrooms, drinking fountains, elevators, escalators, stores within a store and more
  • Office building floor signage
  • Tradeshow and exhibit traffic flow
  • Directional flooring for healthcare facilities, schools, museums, stadiums, arenas
  • Transportation hubs – airports, rail stations, bus terminals
  • Warehouse organization
  • Civic institutional wayfinding
  • Leading employees to breakrooms, copy machines and the like
  • Event sponsorships, race directions, registration booths, etc.

Need more ideas?
Think about how you’ve seen it used for example in places like Wal-Mart when they let people know when they’ve entered a new department. Or when custom graphic flooring directs you to a special promotion, new product or sale. Have you ever been steered in a certain direction at the entrance of a building all the way to where that business wants to lure you? While traveling, have you been told where to check in or what gate you’re at by the floor beneath your feet? The possibilities of G-Floor Graphic® vinyl wayfinding flooring are endless!

What’s in it for me?
Your grand format printer is the ticket to new business possibilities with G-Floor Graphic®. Print bold, charismatic colors and clear, detailed directional flooring with G-Floor Graphic® one-of-a-kind vinyl print media. Available in a variety of sizes, clear or color, and smooth or textured options, G-Floor Graphic® has a product for every indoor or outdoor wayfinding need. Most G-Floor Graphic® printable vinyl is best suited for second surface printing with a variety of digital UV and solvent, flatbed, hybrid, roll-to-roll and sheet or stream fed printers.

Clients’ custom image flooring is protected by G-Floor Graphic® industry-leading wear layer, the thickest in the world. G-Floor Graphic® floors are scratch-proof, dent-proof, tear-proof, heel-proof and tough enough to drive a car on, yet comfortable underfoot. G-Floor Graphic® 100% solid polyvinyl printable flooring is Made in the USA without any fillers or layers, so it doesn’t deteriorate like other non-solid products. Your customers will enjoy their short-term directional floors or long-term wayfinding flooring far longer than the competition.

And don’t forget – G-Floor Graphic® print media is waterproof, slip-resistant and flame retardant. It resists staining and fading due to sun and is lightweight and recyclable. It’s so easy to clean and install and G-Floor Graphic® print media offers you an array of accessories and adhesives to finish and seal the deal!

For customers looking for printable fabric flooring, G-Floor Graphic® offers Endutex Print Floor and several other textile-based print media for use as wayfinding and directional signage.  

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