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Our Favorite Things about G-Floor Graphic® Small Coin

Our Favorite Things about G-Floor Graphic® Small Coin

G-Floor Graphic® is your doorway to displaying vibrant images and text while promoting your brand or product! Unlike flimsy decals and stickers that peel up and look terrible after a few days, G-Floor Graphic® exceeds expectations in durability and performance. These are the top 5 features that land G-Floor Graphic® Small Coin at the top of the list!


1. DURABLE 60 Mil Clear Polyvinyl 

  • 60 Mil, 100% polyvinyl is tough enough to drive a car on, and wont scratch or puncture under heels. 

2. Graphics are 2nd Surface Printed

  • With the vinyl being clear, images are second surface printed. This print method means that graphics are mirror printed on the back and won’t wear from traffic. 
  • Small Coin Clear is best suited for use indoors.  
  • Works with a variety of printing such as UV and solvent, flatbed, hybrid, roll-to-roll and sheet or stream fed printing.   

3. Slip-Resistant Small Coin Surface 

  • Raised, slightly textured circles are .75in in diameter and spaced just enough from each other to create traction in high performance areas.  

4. Easy to Clean   

  • Wiping messes up is as easy as a quick swipe. Because it is 100% polyvinyl, dirt and grime can be sprayed down with a hose or wiped clean with mild soap and water leaving the flooring to appear as good as new.
5. Long-term Use 
  • Very durable - Can be used from 6 months to 5 years 
  • Thickness and second surface printing allow graphics to withstand heavy foot traffic while displaying vibrant images and surpass the durability of other flooring.  


It’s time to create something that lasts! Discover why G-Floor Graphic® is right for you and let your eye-catching designs come to life!

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